Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Good beginning~

It's been a long time i didn't touch on blogspot already. this is an inspiration fr one of my fren, SK. I reli impressive with the english phrases that she used in her blog. I realised that my eng was getting worse and worse. it's time for me to improve it. blogging is a good way to help me on it. hope that this enthusiasm can last long.
my final exam for this sem is around the corner. i was being so lazy at home. although now is my study week, for me it is enjoyin week for me. study week is the best holiday for me because i do not hav to worry about my assignments, reports and projects. this sem is really a busy sem for me. after this battle, most of my coursemates, including me had become languish.
Tmr is my sis bday. Here, i wish her happy birthday. Wish her work hard in her stpm.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

13th May 2009


Saturday, May 9, 2009

9th September 2009


The "Shi Ren Gou"...the scenery very beautiful..
大约走了一个小时后,他们就选了一座山,我们也跟着爬上去。那座山的山路真的很崎岖,好恐怖哦!我还差点滑倒。如果真的不小心的话,我就没命了。我真的好怕,所以到了半山腰就不爬 了,没想到下山更难,我当时很希望自己是山羊,它们都好厉害爬山。我以后都不敢拿自己的生命开玩笑了。有一班同学还爬到了山顶,我们在山下等了很久,还担心他们下不来,幸好大家都平安无事。等的时候,我们还跟山羊玩,这是我第一次看到那么多山羊一起上山。
Took after I climbed up to the hill..very dangerous lo..luckily i returned safe and sound..
There were many goat there....a rare scenery in malaysia...


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

3 days 2 nights trip in Korla (库尔勒) and Kuqa (库车)

Last Friday was Labour Day so we had 3 days holidays. Miss Ma helped us to find a travel agency and we started our journey on Friday. These 3 days we travelled by a taking a bus that prepared by the travel agency. There were about 40 plus chinese travelling together with us. We called our tour guide as Xiao Zhang.

Below was the schedule for this trip.
1st day
9am: The bus departed from Urumqi.
This was the bus that brought us around to the tourist attractions.

1pm: We reached 库什米. We took 拌面 as our lunch at a Halal restaurant. Then, we continued our trip at 2pm. When we were going to reach Lop Nur Village in a few more km, the police of Korla warned the driver to rest for a few minutes at the roadside after long journey.
When on the way to the Korle...

7pm: After sitting on the bus for about 10 hours, we finally arrived to our first destination, Lop Nur Village(罗布人村寨). Luo Bu Ren village was near with the world’s second large desert, Taklamakan Desert and the world’s largest inner river, Tarim River. We could witness desert there. It was too spectacularity. We gave our first time to desert in this village. We rode camel a round at the desert. Each ride costed 50 Rmb. Riding on camel was quite adventurous. One round trip could not meet our satisfaction, we wished we could ride once again. When we reached top of the desert, we overlooked the Taklamakan Desert. The scenery was so beautiful. It could not be seen in Malaysia. We left the village to our hotel we were going to stay in Korla City tonight at 8.30pm.

The Lop Nur village...

Riding camel on the desert near Lop Nur Village..very fun...
Introduction about Lop Nur Village: Lop Nur used to live in this near to Tarim River. They can be known as an isolated race. Their main food was grilled fish that caught in the Tarim River. This race was continually lesser because of some plague. To introduce this race to public, they were moved to this village for touristy purpose now. Lop Nur were famous in their longevity. This might be due to their diet.

11pm: Due to the village was far from the town, we took about three and a half hour to reached our hotel, 华山宾馆. Besides, The drivers did not recognised the road to our hotel. it was quite funny. This delayed our time to the hotel. The tour guide did not arrange the room appropriately. This arose complains of some tourists. This problem solved after some arguments. The room were not enough so Chai Ching and I have to share the same room with the tour guide. We were so hungry because we had not had our dinner that time. Since it was so late already, most of the restaurants closed. It was hard to to find our dinner. We had our first 手抓饼in Korla. This hotel was not satisfied. It did not prepare towels for us. However, condoms were there for us. It was so unbelievable.
Korle city..quite crowded..
2nd day
8am: We started our next journey to “The Mystic Grand Canyon of the Tianshan Mountains” (天山神秘大峡谷), Kuqa (库车). When on the way to the canyon, there were car accident between two lorries. We had been trapped on the road for a about half hour.
1.30pm: We reached Kuqa City. We had our lunch here for 1 hour. The city was quite properous. It seemed better than Perlis City (Korla City too). The drivers lost his way again and delayed our time to reach the canyon.

3pm: The Mystic Grand Canyon of the Tianshan Mountains was reached. The canyon was really splender. The canyon presented in different pattern, we had to use our imagination to imagine what the figures of the hills. The route of the canyon was quite long, about 5km. It was pity that we could only walked until 3km because of shortness of time. Some of the route was ruggedness because the route was filled with rock and sand. I fell down once when on the way. Luckily, I did not hurt. We reached 卧俯神, and then returned to the jumping-off point. We departed to the 经贸宾馆 in Kuqa, our second hotel at 8.30pm.
The Mystic Grand Canyon of the Tianshan Mountains

Introduction about the Mystic Grand Canyon of the Tianshan Mountains: The Mystic Grand Canyon of the Tianshan Mountains is located in Kuqa. Kuqa is in southern Xinjiang at the southern foot of the Tianshan Mountains. Formerly, it was an important town on the central Old Silk Road, it is now under the jurisdiction of Aksu Prefecture, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China. It was influenced by multiple cultures, the Qiuci (龟兹) civilization as represented by famous Qiuci City was formed.

10pm: The hotel was reached. This hotel was better than the first hotel that we stayed last day. It was very big. The tour guide bullied us. She prepared a three person standard room for us and one of us had to stay with another group of people. In the end, Huey Nee become the victim. We were quite unhappy with the arragnement but it did not blow our mood of having “dinner” in the city. Although it was quite late now, the city was stil crowded. There was food agora there. We ate field snail (田螺) and some barbecue. It was quite delicious. There was something occur in the when we were resting in the hotel. I was awaken by a “pop” sound after I slept at 1am. The external connector socket which I brought was burned when Ching was trying to plug on it to boil water. The room nearly caught on fire. I bought the external connector socket in Urumqi because the socket was different from the plug in Malaysia. The product made in China was quite untrustworthy.
Our dinner....

3rd day
7am: The departure time was brought forward an hour earlier so that we could reached home earlier. We would be going to Golden Beach (金沙滩).

1pm: We had our lunch at 乌什塔拉. We ate 汤饭, because it was the cheapest food in this restaurant. We continued our journey at 2pm. The driver oversped when on the way to Golden Beach and was being fined by the police for 700RMB.

2.30pm: We arrived to Golden Beach. Actually this beach was located at a lake, named Bosten Lake(博斯腾湖). I was very surprised that there were beach beside the lake. The lake was so big that it seemed larger than the sea which between Malaysia and Singapore. I would mistake it to be sea. The sand would blink in gold colour when it was reflected by the sunshine. It was very unique. Nevertheless, I still prefer to Langkawi beach in Malaysia. Langkawi beach was more beautiful than here. Xinjiang was far from sea, they hardly had a chance looking at sea. Hence, they were very excited to see this scenery. For us, seaside was very common so there were not much feeling. After an hour, the trip was over and we prepared to back to Urumqi.
Golden Beach...

Introduction about Bosten Lake: Bosten is Mongolian, and means 'stand-up' in Chinese. Boston Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Xinjiang one of the largest inland freshwater lakes in China. water area of Boston lake is about 1000km2. It located at the north of Korla. It is famous with its unique lush scenery surrounded by the harsh Gobi Desert. It is known as 'a bright pearl of the Oasis'. It is rich in fish and reeds, and is the largest fishing area of Xinjiang Province and one of the four biggest reed producing areas in China.

11pm: We reached our hostel. When on the way back to Urumqi, there was delay, the bus spoiled once. Luckily, after repaired for some time, it could start up again.

The whole trip finished in three days. We spent most of our time on the bus because the tourist attractions were far from each other because Xinjiang was very big. Besides, the tour guide and the drivers were unprofessional. The our guide did not explain well when we were on the way to those tourist attractions so I did not even know where was I. She also did not prepared the hotel rooms appropriately and triggered unsatisfied of the tourists. There were two drivers who followed this trip with us. Sometimes, they did not know the way to the place and cause the delay of our trip.
Furthermore, we fated to the police in Korla and Kuqa. The police kept stopped us at the roadside and delayed our time. This trip did not went very smoothly. However, this was an unforgettable trip for me because most of the sceneries was unable to see in Malaysia.
Due to the long-distance trip, toilet was few. The driver once stopped on the roadside and asked the tourists to pee at the wild on the roadside. Men on the left while women on the right. It was very funny. Chinese were very open-minded. Beside riding on camel, I had my first time in doorless toilet. Haha……

Sunday, April 26, 2009

26 April 2009, Sunday


Carrot in yellow ..have u ever seen before?very special right?

This was named as "Guo Qiao Mi Xian"..meant as rice noodles dat across the bridge..haha....it had many small dish...taste good..

Our second time ate egg tart at KFC..this time is bluberry egg tart..i felt that the sweet potato flavour was more special than this one...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

25 April 2009, Saturday

We went "Min Street" with Madam Lee..near Xinjiang Bazaar there..

1. 两碗家常拌面 (1 for 8RMB)
2. 一个汤配馕(我忘了食物的名字),汤里有粉条、马铃薯和菜,配着馕吃,很特别。(10RMB)
3. 一人一串烤羊肉串。这里的烤羊肉串很特别,只是放一点盐烤,很原汁原味,也很嫩我觉得很不错。(1 for 2RMB)
First mutton barbecue for today..another picture is the famous "Mix Noodle"..

1. 一人一个南瓜包。南瓜包就好像饺子里包南瓜和羊肉,很多汁,味道也很丰富特别,南瓜的甜加羊肉的鲜,别有一番风味。(1 for 0.80RMB)
2. 一人一串羊肉串。这家烤羊肉串更特别,羊肉是由红柳枝串的,和别加不同,吃起来更香。(1 for 2RMB)
3. 一份汤饭。这个很像马来西亚的面粉粿。(1 for 6RMB)
Pumpkin bun, second mutton barbecue (this is use tree branch as stick, very special) and "Tang Fan"(means soup rice, but it is not rice..it seem similar as "Mian Fen Guo" in Malaysia)

1.一份 面肺子。面肺子是羊的肺里塞面粉,味道根本没有内脏的味道,好像马来西亚一种高点的味道。除了羊肺,还有羊肠里塞米饭,这个吃起来就有点羊骚味,不过很特别。
2. 一份羊蹄。羊蹄有很多羊筋,包含了很多胶原蛋白,多吃对皮肤好。它吃起来有点像肥猪肉一样。(all 13RMB)

This is the lung of goat...very special...cant find in Malaysia..

第四站:1. 一份羊肉抓饭。这个羊肉很好吃,很嫩也很香。(10RMB)
2. 一份凉粉。这是 一种凉菜,好像马来西亚的凉粉一样滑。不同的是,它是白色及带辣和咸味。(10RMB)
3. 一人一份酸奶。这个酸奶特别之处是比平常的酸和无糖的。它是比较偏于土耳其风味的(1 for 3RMB)

"Zhua Fan", "Liang Fen" and yogurt...

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Thanks to all my frens who were so concern abt me when they knew that i was sick last week..I was so touched with the concerns that were given by u all...
Here..to show my gratitude..pls accept my most grateful thanks...

THANK YOU, my frens.....love u...

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